The 2014 Decorative Hardware Collection

Simply a handle – yet so much more

Sometimes, the finishing touches are overlooked, when really they should be given as much time and consideration as the furniture style itself. After all, a different style can completely change the look of a room.

With this in mind, Häfele have designed and sourced innovative and fresh Decorative Hardware to offer an exciting assortment of diverse handles, without compromising on quality. The Häfele Decorative Hardware range takes you from an iconic, bold, modern look right through to a beautiful vintage antique finish, and everything you can think of in between.

The Studio Collection:

The STUDIO range of products are perfect for situations where price competitiveness is a key requirement, particularly when high quantities are required, such as large scale commercial projects. All products in the STUDIO range are cost effective, without sacrificing any of the style that is demanded by the modern consumer.

The Urban Collection:

The URBAN range of products represent a perfect balance of price and performance, specially designed for everyday use in most common applications. Priced at an affordable level, whilst being available with the widest range of options, enables the URBAN collection to appeal to all consumers.

The Luxe Collection:

The LUXE product range is there for those who like to indulge. The LUXE range represents the epitome of style and design within Häfele’s Decorative Hardware product offering. This entire range will provide you with the ability to supply your customer with something unique, which is sure to add unprecedented value to your piece.

Whatever the application, Häfele is sure to have the finishing touch you’ve been looking for.

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