MX Pot Drawer, Häfele Moovit Box P70, with height extension side panel, drawer side height 92 mm, load bearing capacity 70 kg

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    MX Pot Drawer, Häfele Moovit Box P70, with height extension side panel, drawer side height 92 mm, load bearing capacity 70 kg

    • Internal installation height

      * The fixing screws and drill holes of the top row of holes are not required for sets with a load bearing capacity of 35 kg.

    • Rear panel installation dimensions

      ** Rear panel height

    • see key

      Ⓐ Cabinet runner
      Ⓑ Drawer sides with cover caps
      Ⓒ Front fixing bracket
      Ⓖ Side railing set
      Ⓙ Height extension side panel

    • see key

      Fit the side railing exactly as shown in the installation
      drawing when using individual rear panel heights.

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    Product details

    Tilting angle of front panel can be adjusted by rotating the gallery rail by ±2 mm
    tall kitchen items are protected from falling out or tipping over thanks to the enclosed height extension side panels
    can be retrofitted onto round gallery railing if the specified installation height is adhered to
    matches the colour of the drawer sides

    Nominal length

    550 mm

    Load bearing capacity

    70 kg


    railing holder: Plastic

    Type of pull out

    Full extension, with integrated Smuso soft closing mechanism and self closing mechanism, with integrated rear panel fitting

    Area of application

    For increasing the height of the enclosed internal space of the pull out by 88 mm to a total height of 160 mm

    Drawer side height

    92 mm

    Front fixing brackets

    not included


    For clip fixing to railing and drawer sides

    Order reference

    Please order recommended cylindrical head screw Cat. No. 013.20.930 for runner installation separately.
    Front fixing brackets for drawer not included in scope of delivery, please order separately.

    Supplied with

    1 left and 1 right drawer side with rear panel fitting
    1 left and 1 right cabinet runner
    1 left and 1 right cover cap with Häfele logo relief
    1 side railing set (rail, front bracket, rear panel fitting)
    2 height extension side panels

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