Dynapro runner set, Grass Dynapro, full extension, load bearing capacity up to 40 kg, steel, surface mounted, snap-in coupling

  • Information
  • Runner type

    The type of runner is determined by the design of the running elements, independently of the mounting method.


    Plastic guide railsact as gliding surfaces that support the weight of drawers and their contents.


    Roller guided drawer runnersThe running elements are rollers. The type of roller varies from friction bearing mounted polyamide rollers to ball bearing mounted polyamide rollers, ball bearing mounted polyamide-coated steel rollers and soft rollers for silent moving.


    Ball guided drawer runnersSteel or plastic balls in ball cages are used as the running elements.

    Groove mounted runners, are a subgroup of the ball bearing runners and are characterised by following features:

    • The runners are recessed into a groove that is milled into the drawer side or side panel.
    • Small gap between drawer and side panel
    • Installation with threaded screw inside the drawer
    • Can be removed by loosening the screws

    Roller bearing guided concealed dynamic runnersRollers are running elements in running gears.


    Mounting option

    Internal drawer

    The drawer front panel is flush or set back from the cabinet side panel.


    Load bearing capacity

    The load bearing capacity values for Accuride runners apply to a rail length of 450 mm and an extension width of 450 mm. Unless otherwise specified, the load bearing capacity of longer rails is about 20 % less.


    Something that all of the information has in common is the fact that the values for dynamic loading apply, and only if all mounting holes are screw-connected using suitable fastening material.


    The load bearing capacity of ball bearing runners that are suitable for side and base mounting is reduced to about 25% if the ball bearing runners are installed horizontally.


    We recommend trial mounting to determine if lowering lies within an acceptable range.

    Installation options


    On shelves


    Side mounted

    Base mounted I

    Base mounted II



    On drawers


    Groove mounted

    Side mounted

    Base mounted�




    On cabinets


    Side mounted


    Base panel mounting


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    Product details
    • Same runners for both soft closing (front panels with handle) and handle-free opening and soft closing (by extension with Tipmatic Soft-close opening system)
    • Load bearing capacities of 40 and 70 kg allow modern furniture design
    • Low opening forces, excellent running properties and 100% synchronising action
    • Precise front panel adjustment without tools in up to 4 dimensions
    Load bearing capacity 40 kg/pair


    1 pair


    With liquid damper prepared for Tipmatic Soft-close






    Drawer width SB = internal cabinet width – 42 mm + 2 x drawer side panel thickness
    front gap 0 mm
    Timpatic Soft-close front gap min. 2.5 mm

    Area of application

    Full extension, synchronised soft close runners to be used with wooden drawer boxes


    Max. height adjustment +3.5 mm at front locking device
    Max. side adjustment ±1.5 mm at front locking device
    Max. tilting angle adjustment +4 mm at rear adjustment adapter
    Optional depth adjustment +3.5 mm via additional accessory

    Load capacity



    At drawer, surface mounted drilling pattern not compatible with Nova Pro, Interwood and other concealed runner


    Dynapro soft close suitable for cabinet widths up to 1200 mm
    Full 3D adjustment
    Low extension force
    Drill hole pattern is compatible with Nova Pro drawers

    Supplied with

    Dynapro runner (LH / RH)
    Dynapro front locking device (LH / RH)
    Dynapro rear adjustment adaptor (LH / RH)
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 Pair of drawer runners

    1 Pair of snap-in couplings

    1 Pair of adjusting adapters, rear

    1 Set of installation instructions

    Order reference

    The Tipmatic Soft-close opening system ⓓ must be ordered in addition to each set for handle-free opening and soft closing action.

    25 May 2020

    Dynapro runner set, Grass Dynapro, full extension, load bearing capacity up to 40 kg, steel, surface mounted, snap-in coupling

    • With soft and self closing mechanism

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