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Hideaway Bins from Häfele

Functionality you definitely need to seek out

The average household throws away around 1.5 tonnes of waste every year. There’s no doubt that we’d be lost without our bins. But the truth is, manufacturers have struggled to produce one that ticks all the boxes both practicality and aesthetically.

Until now.

Introducing Hideaway Bins from Häfele, waste-disposal solutions so clever, they slide effortlessly inside your cabinetry to remain discreetly hidden from sight. It’s a ‘How do they do that?’ level of functionality that’s sure to save space in every area of the home. Today’s consumer demands high performance. Thousands of hours have been spent to ensure each Hideaway Bin is ergonomic and effortless to operate. Apply them at bench height and you’ll never bend inside a low cupboard to throw out your waste again.

Plus, they can be installed behind any width of door for even greater flexibility, making them the ideal storage solution for both residential and commercial applications. Now that’s something that can definitely be admired.

Hideaway Bins are available in compact, deluxe and soft close models and can hold a capacity up-to 50L.

Seek out the full range now at www.hafele.com.au or a Häfele Showroom today.