Häfele Online Tutorials

Online Ordering Process


Wether you've been with us for a while or if you are just getting started with a Häfele online account we welcome you to our website! 

This Tutorials will give some guidelines of what to do, where to click and inform you of some useful features that we provide to our customers. 

Read on and watch the video tutorial to learn how to place an order efficiently on our website.


Your online account

We've got a range of different functionalities, designed around your needs, to make ordering as simple as possible. Unlock the capabilities of your online account. 




After you have logged into your account you can access your account summary by clicking 'My Account'.  This will show a list of open orders and any recently edited wish lists. Once you are in the 'My Account' section you will have many options available to you. You can:

  • View Open Orders
  • Access your Wish Lists
  • Add Additional Co-Users
  • Update your Profile and Adresses
  • Log off at any time

Please familiar with this part of our website.