Leo Apartments

Location - Hawthorn East, Victoria 
Year - 2015 
Architect - Artisan Architects
Developer - Kokoda Property
Builder -  Verve Construction
Featured Products - Architectural door hardware, Linear Sliding Systems, Waste Management

Leo Apartments is a boutique 6 story multi use development with 89 dwellings and 2 retail tenancies located in Hawthorn East. Inspired by Scandinavian design the interiors are minimal, clean and bright. All fixtures & fittings selections were well-considered and of exceptional quality to meet this timeless aesthetic.

Artisian Architects cleverly incorporated floor to ceiling linear sliding doors into the living spaces to open up rooms and to allow light to reflect effectively throughout the interiors. The doors at 1.2mtrs wide feel more like moving walls, aiding in flexible living spaces for the occupant.

Due to the minimalist interior it was important to the client to perfect junctions and details within the finished interiors, Häfele’s specification team are competent, solution oriented partners who suggested a clip on fascia profile to meet the Slido D Line11 linear sliding track. The clip on fascia allows the plaster to meet seamlessly with the ceiling integrated running track for a sleek and precise finish. Finding the best individual solution for this project the fascia profile was powder coated in white to match the ceiling colour.

A comprehensive door hardware schedule was prepared by Häfele’s industry trained scheduling team, precisely identifying the appropriate hardware for each door in the development. The Bronte lever was chosen for the apartment entry to meet the Nordic influence of the design and a tailored selection of bespoke joinery pulls were appointed for service doors guaranteeing all details were highly considered.

The Häfele project team specified, coordinated and monitored all deadlines and logistical services during the construction process. Providing a solid partnership through to handover of this highly regarded project. 



 Slido D Line11 80i, Slido Clip on Fascia Profile, Bronte Lever, Hailo Mono


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