Häfele and Salice Exclusivity

A perfectly crafted partnership.

We are proud and excited to announce that as of March 1st 2014, Häfele Australia will be the exclusive Australian distributor for the world-renowned Salice range of hinges, drawer runners and sliding systems.

Salice are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of concealed hinges and drawer runners, and with an exclusively Italian manufacturing and distribution pedigree dating back to 1926, they perfectly complement Häfele’s goal of supplying the very best in European hardware technology to the Australian market.

Innovation has always been a key factor in Salice’s success around the world, be it from developing and patenting the world’s first concealed, self-closing metal hinge in 1957, through to their latest product developments such as the Silentia family of soft-close hinges and the Futura range of concealed drawer runners. Further showcasing this innovation leadership are the more than 600 furniture hinge patents that are currently owned by Salice.

With more than 3,000 unique products available within the Salice hinge program, Salice have the unmatched ability to offer a solution for any application you may have; be it for a specific application in a single kitchen, all the way up to a complete customised solution for a large scale commercial project.

With all of this expertise now available under the one roof, there is no longer any need to shop around; Häfele is your one stop shop for all things Salice.

For further technical details on the entire Salice product range, please contact your local Häfele sales office or representative.

Press Contact

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